minus one


Graduation film for my Visual Communication studies at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Tel Aviv, 2020.


Minus one is a short animated film describing a change in attitude towards disappointing experiences in life. The main character in the film goes through the process of receiving bitter news in his love life. The film directs the viewer to look positively at negative experiences and understand that each obstacle increases the satisfaction that will come.



Rome Independent Prisma Awards, Rome 2020:

-Best Original Score - Winner 

-Best Animation Short Film - Nomination 

Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles 2020:

-Best Original Song - Winner 

-Best Student Director - Nomination

International Animation Festival AJAYU, Peru 2020, Finalist 

Dumbo Film Festival, New York 2020, Semi-Finalist

Sweden Film Awards, Sweden 2020, Semi-Finalist

MADRIFF - Madrid Indie Film Festival, Madrid 2020, Officially selected

9th International Video Poetry Festival, Athens 2020, Officially selected